Podio integration

Admin guide
  1. In Podio go to https://podio.com/settings/api.
  2. Enter "dixa" in Application name.
  3. Enter "podio.dixa.io" in Full domain.
  4. Click on Generate API Key.
  5. In Dixa go to Settings - Integrations and click on Podio.
  6. Enter the Client ID and the Client Secret from Podio.
  7. Click Validate.
  8. Click to confirm in Podio.
  9. Authorize the integration in Podio.
  10. You can now select what information in Podio you want to show in the Conversation View in Dixa.
  11. In Podio you will need an app containing a field with the called number (B-number). It has to be in this format "+[country code][called number].“
Generate an API key in Podio

Enter the Client ID and Client Secret from Podio in Dixa
Confirm the integration in Podio

Admin guides

Agent guides