To export your conversation data to analyse:

  1. Go to Analytics.
  2. Click on Conversations in the top right corner.
  3. Verify the email address the export should be sent to.
  4. Select a period for the conversation data. All data in Dixa is available for export but there is a limit of three months for each export.
  5. Click on Export my data.
  6. Go grab a cup of coffee while the export is being generated. It will arrive in your mailbox within 15 minutes.
    All timestamps are in UTC so you will need to convert it to your local time zone.

Information available in the conversations export:
id, channel, created_at, requester_name, requester_number, requester_email, queued_at, queue, assigned_at, closed_at, direction, assignee_email, assignee_name, originating_country, called_number, tags, notes, transferee_name, transferee_number, ratings_score, ratings_feedback, total_duration, handling_duration, inbound_forwarding_email, inbound_dixa_email, widget_id, and outbound_dixa_email.