Go to the About section of your page.

Copy the Page ID. Paste it in the ID text field on this screen. Also, insert a name of your choice it in the Name text field on this screen.

Now go back to the App Dashboard.

In the sidebar choose Messenger and Settings.

Under Token Generation, in the Page drop-down, select the page you want to integrate with Dixa. Facebook will request you to grant access to your public profile information. Click Ok.

Your Page Access Token is now generated. Copy the Page Access Token. Paste it in the Page Token text field on this screen.

Under Webhooks, select your Page. Click Subscribe.

Go back to the Page Settings, and select Messenger Platform. Under the Subscribed Apps section, change the App Role to be Primary Receiver.

Also, make sure that the Response Method of the page is set to Responses are all provided by people under Messenger Platform