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software for
e-commerce businesses

Deliver personal service in real-time across voiceemail & chat in one simple interface designed for customer facing teams.

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Convert website visitors

Whether they're your website visitors or customers, we enable them to get in touch with you on the channels they prefer. On avg., chatters have a 4x higher conversion rate.

Save time

We invest in creating the best agent experience. We’re continually designing our interface to make Dixa as uncomplicated and intuitive to work with as possible.

Get repeat shoppers

Make customer service your competitive advantage to grow your business while Dixa scales to always fit your needs.

The next-gen customer service
solution for online businesses

All-in-one, easy to use interface

Dixa is a web app that runs in your browser with no installation or maintenance required. You answer and manage all conversations from the same simple and intuitive interface, regardless of channel and whether they are in- or outbound. 

Excellent customer service begins with an excellent agent experience, and that's why we have a strong focus on simplicity and ease of use in our design.

Who is it for?

Dixa is for customer service heroes of every kind, but we’ve made solutions for these:

Multichannel contact centers

For the full-fledged contact centers that connect with their customers across all channels. Dixa provides full scalability across the globe.
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Small businesses

For the small business that takes their customers seriously. We’ve made a solution tailored to you, so you only pay for what you need.
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"At GoMore we believe in friendship with our users, that's what Dixa is all about"

Rasmus Carlsen
Commercial Director

"Of course we want happy customers… that's why we use Dixa!"

Morten Poulsen
Founder and CEO

”With Dixa we are able to serve our 600 million potential customers in South America from only one location."

Peder Skjalm Lissner
Group CFO

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