Simple, unified and engaging customer service software

Advanced routing

Automated and intelligent distribution of conversations to agents.

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Engaging & personal

Have continuous conversations with people at the center.

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Be here, there 
and everywhere!

Unify the customer service experience across email, chat & phone and eliminate the chaos caused by having separate systems.​


Full-featured call center & phone system that runs directly in your browser.
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Real-time live chat and messaging solution to engage with your visitors wherever they are.
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Email platform that lets you track, prioritize and help your customers quicker.
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Prioritize intelligently.

Help your most important customers first by blending agents and prioritizing conversations across all channels.

Skill-based routing

Always match customers with the agent most qualified to meet their needs.

Flow builders

Build powerful and smart routing flows in minutes without assistance from your IT department.

Offer algorithms

Let the most qualified agents handle the most important conversations before the rest. Automatically.


Get down and personal.

Build long lasting relationships with your customers by having continuous and personal conversations. No more tickets or forms.

Customer recognition

Make your customers feel appreciated by instantly knowing who they are - their profile, journey and context.


Connect each conversation to relevant data including past conversations, order history and preferences.

Seamless integrations

Truly understand your customer by displaying customer data from your other systems in Dixa.
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Stop the chaos, start building relationships.

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