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Grow your business with a unified support experience

As competition online continues to increase, many customers remain loyal to those who offer an effortless support experience. Dixa makes it easy for customers to get in touch and for your team to provide quick answers when they do. By enhancing your support experience, you’ll retain more customers and increase sales. With all relevant data in one place, you can save time and make informed decisions to better serve your team and your customers.

Key benefits:

  • Customer retention
  • Cost savings
  • Team performance & satisfaction
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“Two of the most important things for us is that our customers always receive a personal customer service experience and that our customer service reps have the best working experience. With Dixa, they all do in all respects.”

Iman Safari
Head of Subscribers & Customer Service 
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“With Dixa, we give our customers and our employees a significantly better experience, which has resulted in an increase in sales, customer satisfaction and efficiency across the board.”

Rie Ulrich
COO Aller Leisure
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Reduce lead handling times and increase bookings

Dixa’s intelligent routing enables you to automate your lead handling processes and get in touch with interested customers quicker. By creating personal queues for each travel advisor, leads can be distributed automatically to the most relevant advisor based on desired destination, customer history and more. This coupled with customer recognition features results in a more efficient, personalized lead handling process, ensuring no one slips through the cracks.

Key benefits:

  • Increase conversion rate
  • Cost savings
  • Team productivity
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An all-in-one solution with quick implementation time

Whether you are a tech company or a startup, having the most up to date technology is crucial for keeping costs low and efficiency high. Dixa offers a user friendly interface with a quick implementation time, but not at the expense of its intelligence. Living up to modern standards, including integration capabilities, Dixa unifies your support in an all in one solution, keeping costs and upkeep time low.

Key benefits:

  • Gain & retain more customers
  • Easy to use
  • Scales with your needs
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“Why haven’t others figured this out, and why were we using two separate systems for sales and service before? This is much more intelligent and efficient compared to our old setup and can be used globally from day one.”

Thomas Medard Frederiksen
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“A memorable design is fundamental to our DNA, therefore we always strive to deliver a uniquely personal customer experience, regardless of the place and time. Dixa enables us to do this in one unified solution.”

Teis Werring Bruun
CEO at Baum und Pferdgarten
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Deliver personal experiences at scale

With most customer - brand interactions occurring online, it can be hard to establish a personal connection with your customers. Dixa unifies your customer communication and relevant data in one place, making it easy for your team to deliver personalized customer experiences every time. Intelligent routing and customer recognition features automatically prioritize customer inquiries and provides your team with all the context they need to solve issues thoughtfully and efficiently.

Key benefits:

  • Loyal customers
  • Better customer experience
  • Unified customer view
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