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We love brands that love their customers.

About Dixa

Dixa is a global customer service tech company on a mission to create friendships between brands and their customers, break down technology silos and eliminate bad customer service. Our software unifies customer engagement across email, chat, messaging and phone in one platform for a better customer and agent experience.

Dixa is a truly international company with 14+ nationalities working together in the heart of Copenhagen and with offices in London, Berlin and Kiev. With customers in 20+ countries, Dixa has experienced incredible growth since it’s global launch in 2018, quickly becoming one of Scandinavia’s fastest growing SaaS companies.

Our story

Dixa was created based on an idea among four friends who felt there had to be a better way for brands to communicate and engage with their customers after experiencing countless poor customer service interactions themselves. They were looking at a world where most support teams were using ticketing systems with shared inboxes for email combined with legacy call center solutions. However, for customer facing support teams, tickets and shared inboxes are just an extra administrative burden that ultimately harms the customer’s experience.

From their professional experiences it became more apparent that the majority of products within the CRM and contact center space were static and siloed solutions doing one or two things very well – but not delivering a holistic customer and agent experience. It was out of this frustration that Dixa was born.
At Dixa, we believe in a different way of treating customers. Brands should treat customers more like friends and less like transactions. Why? Because customers have more options than ever before and they care how they are treated. They want to be seen, heard and valued - just like a friend. And they're using multiple channels to communicate. That's why Dixa created software that can support this type of relationship and is on a mission to empower customers and brands to build stronger bonds – much like the connection between friends.

MISSION: To empower customers and brands to build stronger bonds - as if they were friends.

VISION: To create a world in which all people are welcomed by their favorite brands with the warm familiarity of a friend.

EY Entrepreneur of the Year

Dixa founder and leadership team with CEO Mads Fosselius and CTO Jacob Vous Petersen captured Start-up of the year at Ernest & Young 2018 EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards in Denmark. The Start-up category of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year focuses on young companies with great potential and drive.

The jury emphasizes innovation and scaling possibilities - both nationally and internationally. The entrepreneurs behind it have managed to convince great investors about the company's potential. In addition, a high level of ambition, impact and entrepreneurship count.

Conversational Customer Engagement

"The thing I like the most about Dixa is the simplicity. It's simple to use in a good way. Dixa makes my work a lot easier, but also faster.

Christoffer R.– G2 reviewer

Call & Contact Center Expo Awards

Dixa won Best Engagement Solution at the 2019 Call & Contact Centre Expo. This award recognizes the challenges faced in employee and customer engagement. From workforce management and gamification to customer management technology, which enables relationships to be built and productivity to be improved - this award is open to all providers of the most effective engagement solutions.

Meet the team

Mads Blicher Fosselius

Co-founder & CEO

Jacob Vous Petersen

Co-founder & CTO

Anders Mayntzhusen


Jakob Nederby Nielsen

Co-Founder & Director of Engineering

Krisztian Tabori

Co-Founder & Head of Global Brand Design

Kasper Sommer


Joseph Smith


Kristian Mørk

SVP Product & Engineering

Tue Søttrup

VP of Customer Experience

Ghazaleh Mobkie

VP of Customer Success

Kenneth Tange

VP of Marketing

James Marlow

VP & GM UK & Ireland

Steffen Bilde

VP of Product Strategy

Olivier Amann

Market Director - Nordics

Mads Ritter Nørskov

Partner & Lead Backend Engineer

Lauren Blair

Digital Brand Manager

Smilena Spasova

Account Executive

Rune Drole Pedersen

Backend Engineer

Julie Solem

Brand Activation Manager

Cristian Fruntisanu

Brand Designer

Mauro Codella

Frontend Engineer

Brendan Ekstein

Accounts Receivables Specialist

Viktoria Vas

CX Engagement Manager

Alexander Zafirov

Backend Engineer

Mariia Savchenko

Head of Inside Sales

Jesper Rosendal

Customer Success Manager

Anastasiia Medetska

Senior Customer Engagement Manager, Team Lead

Zoobia Sheikh

Finance Manager

Laura Forné Elkow

Head of Customer Friendship

Jacob Brolund

CX Engagement Manager

James Eyles

Senior Account Executive

Mark Boholiub

Senior Customer Engagement Manager

Iryna Chesanovska

Senior Customer Engagement Manager

Oksana Lutskiv

Customer Engagement Manager

Riccardo Adragna

Head of Sales Excellence & Enablement

Frank Schikowski

Senior Accounts Executive

Matthew Lockwood

Head of Strategic Accounts

Inna Skyban


Jacob Rathsach

Product Designer

Kate Bergemann

Product Manager

Mikkel Andreassen

Customer Experience Manager

Trish Patel

Customer Success Consultant

Maxym Zabiyaka

Customer Success Consultant

Jack Tarling

Senior Sales Execuitve

Jakob Hyldtoft

Frontend Engineer

Malte Cats-Abildgaard

Growth Marketing Manager

Anna Dewhurst

Director of Talent Acquisition

Nina Elisabeth Carøe

Director of People and Culture

Julie Rønne

Facility Manager

Teresa Maltez

Office Assistant

Olha Denesiuk

Customer Engagement Manager

Iryna Potapenko

Sales Operations Manager, UA

Sebastian Resman

BDR - Nordics

Daniel Stănilă

Backend Engineer

Valeriia Krasnokutska

Senior Market Research Analyst

Balys Anikevicius

Backend Engineer

Tatiana Chukhrai

Financial Accountant

Nikolaj Card

Retention Manager

Sofiia Koval

Market Research Analyst

Karolina Kolosova

Market Research Analyst

Yuliia Shykh

Market Research Analyst

Jean Melo

Backend Engineer

Cecilie Hegelund

Chief of Staff

Clark Roberts

Customer Experience Manager

Daniel Larsen

Internal IT Support

Iev Strygul

Backend Engineer

Nanditha Vijayaraghavan

Growth Marketing Manager UK / US

Elizabeth Koval

Customer Success Consultant

Tim Myrvoda

Senior Market Research Analyst

Stanislav Nartov

Senior Market Research Analyst

Alexander James- Agboola

Sales Development Representative

Xiangfei Felix Meng

Financial Analyst

Jacob Mark Rørhøj

Account Executive - Nordics

Zhen Ali

Sales Development Representative

Aditya Patel

Backend Engineer

Lukas Smestad

Customer Support Consultant

Abby Posner

Sales Development Representative

Olena Sydorenko

Market Research Analyst

Karina Kravchuk

Market Research Analyst

Samuel Orji

Backend Engineer

Zsofia Von Halling

Frontend Engineer

Jennifer Montague

Digital Marketing Manager

Katie Miles

Sales Development Representative

Orhan Koyuncu

Sales Development Representative

Louise Bach

People Operations Student Assistant

Vide-Marie Aarhus

People Operations Student Assistant

Haeder Mazlom

People Operations Student Assistant

Maise Jerltop

People Operations Student Assistant

Arun Kumar

Senior Business Development Representative


VP of Friendship

The board

Preben Damgaard

Chairman of The Board & Investor

Lars Thinggaard

Board Member & Investor

Niels Vejrup Carlsen

Board Member & Investor

Nikolaj Kornum

Board Member & Investor

Uwe Horstmann

Board Member & Investor

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