Turn your
customers into friends

Deliver outstanding service through conversational customer engagement.

Evolution of customer service & engagement…


Contact Center Age

  • Dedicated system per channel
  • Transactional & passive
  • Disconnected channels
  • Voice as the main channel
  • Service agents
  • Customer service


Ticketing Age

  • Relational & reactive
  • Profit centric
  • Channels are bundled
  • Email as the main channel
  • Support reps
  • Customer support


Conversational Age

  • Conversational & proactive
  • Experience centric
  • Channels are seamless
  • All channels are important
  • Customer heroes
  • Customer engagement

Customer Friendship

Remember when making a purchase was a social activity? People would go to the bakery for bread, the grocer’s for groceries and the shoe shop for shoes - buying their goods from real people.

Customer relationships are not what they used to be. Stories about how difficult it is to get in touch with brands and actually be greeted by a real person are many and scary.

What would your friends expect? Friends are there when you need them. Friends listen. Friends know who you are and know what you like.

Customer-centric brands know that.

Conversational Customer Engagement

Put the customer instead of the incident as the center of the action.

Break down the silos

Don't let technology stand in the way of delivering great experiences. Make it simple and easy for your Customer Heroes.

Intelligent routing

Instead of deflecting your customers make sure they get the right help any time, any channel.

Recognize customers

True friends don't forget each other and don't have to repeat explaining their problems – why should your customers?

No tickets – Conversations

Who wants to be treated as a number in a system – have continuous conversations like you have with your friends.


Make customer interactions transparent and easy to follow across your company – act rapidly and improve your service continuously.

Data is key

Integrate with other sales and marketing tools to have a full picture of your customer and their engagement with your brand.

One-screen wonder

Build strong bonds with your customers via real and insightful conversations across channels from one interface - much like the communication between friends.

Hundreds of customer centric brands
have already joined the movement

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