Chat with customers in real time to boost conversion rates

Meet customers when they are most engaged with your online business.

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Happier Agents

Provide multichannel support and produce more skilled, satisfied agents.

Loyal Customers

Engage in meaningful conversations with customers in real-time to increase trust and loyalty.

Customize your chat experience

Create a chat widget that fits your visual identity and needs

Color & placement

Choose a color and place your chat widget wherever you prefer. Preview it on both desktop and mobile to ensure the best CX.

Hide strategy

Utilize your widget's hide strategy to avoid misleading customers when no one is available.

Contact form

Turn your chat widget into a contact form when you aren't available by setting opening hours in your chat flow.

Personalize your chat experience

Balance automation with a human touch

Automate preliminary questions to gather context and accurately route the conversation to the best suited available agent.

Greet visitors in their own language

Localize your chat experience and greet customers in their native language for a more personalized conversational experience.

Recognize website visitors

Automatically create new contacts and recognize returning customers and their history with a built-in CRM.

Add chat to your website in minutes

Set up

Follow our tutorial guide to set up and customize your widget to fit your brand and business needs.

Copy + paste

Copy the provided script into the html of each page you want the chat widget to appear on.

Start chatting

Receive chats directly in Dixa and enjoy other features like customer recognition and analytics.

Easy to use interface

Designed to focus on the customer, not the software.
Customer recognition features and integrations equip agents with the context they need to quickly and accurately assist customers while instant feedback and robust analytics helps teams continuously monitor and optimize performance.

Key Chat Features

Get a live chat solution that fits your needs

Mobile optimized

Optimized and customizable for any screen size, your website visitors can talk to you from any device and have a great experience.

Analytics & service levels

Get real-time and historical analytics on chats, set and track your own service levels and stay on top of individual agent performance.

Customer recognition

Benefit from automatic customer recognition when repeat customers reach out and save time while delivering a more personalized CX.

Advanced routing

Route chats directly to the right agents using URL-triggers, menus, agent skills and queue priority and choose your offer algorithm.


Transfer chats to team members with a click. Add notes and tags to conversations for reference later on.

Instant feedback

Give customers the ability to provide instant feedback to your agents for motivation and encouragement.
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Too Good To Go

"We successfully rolled out Dixa in 8 countries in just over a month. For new countries, it now only takes us a couple of days to go live."

– Andreas Sachse, COO


“After Valentine's Day it usually takes one week to clear the backlog. With Dixa, it only took two days.”

– Iman Safari,
Customer Service Manager


"The first month we implemented Dixa our average response time on email was cut down by 25.5 hours (roughly 85%). Dixa has been a game changer for us."

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