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Allowing potential customers to get in touch when they need it has become essential for online businesses.

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Customize the chat experience

Create a chat widget that fits your visual identity

Choose Color & Placement

Select your own color for your chat widget and preview it on both desktop and mobile. Select where to place the widget on your website - options are: Left, right, bottom left, and bottom right. You can have different settings on desktop and mobile.

Select When to Hide the Widget

One of the worst experiences on a website is opening a chat widget only to find that no one is there to help. In order to avoid giving your customers bad experiences, you can choose to hide the widget:

  • Never hide
  • Hide when all agents are offline
  • Hide when all agents are either away or offline

Offline? No Problem

Allow website visitors to send you messages when you’re offline through the widget. Control opening hours, write a separate message so as not to confuse visitors, and receive the messages just like you would a chat message. Add email to answer directly in Dixa.

Personalize the chat  experience

Route Conversations to  the Right Agents

Give website visitors the option to choose what their inquiry is about with a department selector, or show different widgets based on which page the visitor is on. All conversations are queued based on first-in-first-out (FIFO).

Greet Website Visitors in  Their Own Language

Write your own greeting on the minimized chat to manage expectations and let visitors know you’re online and there to help. The chat widget currently defaults to English and supports Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

Recognize Website Visitors

The chat solution comes with a built-in CRM that automatically creates new contacts and recognizes them if they get in touch again later on. This allows you to instantly see customers’ conversation history and information from your own systems with our custom integrations.

Easily add chat to your website

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Simple & intuitive agent interface

Our interface is designed for you to be able to focus on the customer’s experience and not a complex system.

Once you get a chat, the visitor will be recognized if he or she is a repeat customer and you get access to their information and any previous conversations. You also see which page on your website they activated the chat on.

During the chat you can also transfer the chat to any available colleague if you need to. You can also add notes and tags to conversations for later reference.

Key Chat Features

Get a live chat solution that fits your needs

Mobile Optimized

Optimized and customizable for any screen size, your website visitors can talk to you from any device and have a great experience.

Support on the Road

Work in a beautiful, browser-based interface that goes anywhere you go. 

Advanced Routing

Route chats directly to the right agents using URL-triggers, a department selector, agent skills and queue priority and choose your offer algorithm.

Contact Recognition

Benefit from automatic recognition and look up of repeat customers to save time and focus only on the customer.

Quick Responses

Use templates and quick responses to instantly insert commonly used phrases and replies.

Analytics & Service Levels

Get real-time & historical analytics on chats offered, answered & abandoned. Even set and track your own service levels.

Collect Instant Chat Feedback

Give customers the ability to provide instant feedback to your agents in the form of a thumbs-up or -down.


Transfer chats to team members and leave notes for them when you do. Also add tags and notes to conversations for later reference and follow-up.

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British Corner Shop

“The fact that Dixa had no starting costs and could grow with us was important.”
– Peter Howarth, Technical Director


“One of the most important things for us is that our customer service reps have a good working experience.” – Iman Safari, Head of Subscribers

Vital Choice

“We were looking for virtual call center software that could be used both remotely and on-site.” – Susan Emmons, Customer Service Manager

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