Telephony & chat platform for businesses of any size

- No hardware needed 
- Browser-based VoIP telephony 
- Forward calls to mobile 
- Phone numbers in 60+ countries
- Comes with free chat solution

Keep your existing phone numbers

Or instantly buy working, local phone numbers across the world. We currently supply phone numbers in 60 countries. Grow your business and get locals rates as you do!

Receive and make calls

Receive inbound calls and make outbound calls directly in your browser. We use the latest in SIP technology to ensure the best possible call quality. You can also forward and make internal calls.

Forward calls to mobile

Choose to also receive calls on your mobile. Both your Dixa browser phone and your cell will ring simultaneously and can be answered on both devices. No more missed calls!

Easily manage your phone system

Our  drag’n’drop call flow editor quickly and easily allows you to:

  • Manage opening hours
  • Configure your automated attendant
  • Set up a voice menu (IVR) - record your own messages or upload any sound file
  • Use our advanced call distribution to always have customers reach the right person
  • Queue calls and play music on hold
  • Allow callers to leave messages via voicemail
  • Record calls and play them back later

This and much more in a simple and easy-to-use interface that's designed to let you focus on your customers.

We throw in all these advanced features for free

All-in-one, simple & intuitive agent interface

All of this comes in one interface. We do our best to continually design Dixa to be as simple, effortless and fun to work with as possible. 

We’ve tried spending time - a lot of time - with complex systems, and we’re sure you have too. It’s just not worth it. With Dixa you can focus on the customer experience, not the support system.

Scales to fit your need

Being cloud-based, Dixa scales instantly to fit your needs. Whether you add or remove agents and phone numbers across the world or suddenly grow your call volume, we’ve got your back. 

There are no lengthy subscriptions, no implementation, IT staff, installation or maintenance needed either. Just log in and you’re good to go - we take care of the rest.

Starts at $15 per agent

If you opt to pay annually and just need basic telephony, chat and email then each agent assigned to a queue is just $15 per month. If you don’t go for the annual plan, prices for telephony start at $19 per agent per month. Check out our pricing here.

Companies like you are already using Dixa!

Too Good Too Go

"We successfully rolled out Dixa in 8 countries in just over a month. For new countries, it now only takes us a couple of days to go live. Dixa gives us the flexibility and speed we need to keep up with our growth and mission to fight food waste across the globe."
– Andreas Sachse, COO of TGTG


“After Valentine's Day it usually takes one week to clear the backlog. With Dixa, it only took two days. - Iman Safari, Customer Service Manager” – Customer Service Manager


"The first month we implemented Dixa our average response time on email was cut down by 25.5 hours (roughly 85%). Working this way has been a game changer for us." – Lasse Bundgaard Pedersen, Head of Customer Service

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