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On the lists below you get detailed information on our features. You’ll notice that some of them are labeled ‘in development’. We’re developing Dixa rapidly at the moment, and we expect to add a lot of these in the coming months. If there’s something you have a particular interest in that you don’t see on our features page don't hesitate to ask us!

Finally, instead of browsing, you can watch our video overview (2 mins):

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Feature in development


VoIP telephony
In- & outbound calls
Call transfer
Quick reconnect
IVR (interactive voice response)
Phone numbers in > 60 countries
Music on hold
Simultaneous ringing
Internal calls
Record and upload announcements
External forwarding
Call recording
Toll-free numbers
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Forward chat
Customizable chat widget
Chat transfer
Easy setup
More than one widget
Concurrent chats
Unlimited chat agents
Hide options
Chat history
URL triggers
Contact form
Rich media messages
Quick responses
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Compose email
Custom signatures
Forward email
Reply to email
Claim conversation
Email attachments
Forward email to Dixa
Rich media messages
Auto replies
Quick responses
Email transfer
First-in, first-out distribution
SPF support
Trigger-based messages
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Social media & instant messaging

Facebook Messenger
Review sites (Trustpilot up first)
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Distribution & routing

Drag’n’drop chat flow editor
Prioritization of agents
Drag'n'drop call flow editor
Skill-based routing
Advanced forwarding rules
Opening hours
Triggers based on wait time
Prioritization of queues
Preferred agent
Content-based routing
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Built-in CRM

Contact database
Contact recognition
Saves all conversations
Conversation history
Search in contacts & conversations
Apply tags to each conversation
Visitor tracking
Write wrap-up notes
Search in notes & tags
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Reporting & analytics

Set service levels and alerts
Real-time queue performance overview
Historical data through analytics module
Conversation list w. filters
Agent & team performance overview
Customizable, modular dashboards
Analytics for ratings
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Customer ratings & feedback

Chat ratings
Chat feedback
Email ratings
Telephony ratings
Email feedback
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Agent happiness

All-in-one interface
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Team management

Agent prioritization
Agent profile with image
Agent roles
Queues for different teams
Set and see presence
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Custom Cards (Webhooks)
E-commerce platforms
CRM systems
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AI & machine learning

Virtual service assistant
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