Everything you need to provide conversational customer experience

Empower agents to have real and insightful conversations across all channels in one powerful and intuitive interface.

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Full-featured VoIP phone system that runs in your browser. Experience our phone capabilities.


Your customers can chose to get a callback instead of having to wait in a queue. The customer will of coutse keep their place in the queue.

Call recording

Record calls and play them back later for conversation analysis.

VoIP telephony

Being cloud-based, Dixa uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony. We employ the latest in SIP technology to give you best possible call quality, no matter where in the world you and your customers are.

In- & outbound calls

Dixa has both inbound and outbound capability. Inbound calls are offered to agents as per your routing rules. They then use one-click to accept the call. For outbound calls, you use our dialer.

Call transfer

If you are busy, unable to answer the question or your colleague is a specialist in a particular field you can transfer your conversation to another agent. When doing so, you have the option to write a note that the person you're transferring to can read.

Quick reconnect

Do not worry about your call getting disconnected due to the network problems. Our feature makes sure you will be reconnected with your customers in seconds. No need to redial!

IVR (interactive voice response)

Easily create IVR menus with up to 12 options and add relevant queues or actions to each of them. Smart route your calls to the right teams.

Phone numbers in > 80 countries

With Dixa you can seamlessly do business in many countries and reach your customers almost anywhere. Purchase numbers within the interface in seconds to grow your business and get local rates at the same time.

Toll-free numbers

Aside from local numbers around the world, we also offer toll-free numbers for those of you who don't think your customers should pay for the time they spend on the phone with you.

Music on hold

Upload music that would represent your company or choose preexisting tunes.

Simultaneous ringing

With simultaneous ringing you can make any other phone number ring at the same time as Dixa does. For instance, simultaneous ringing works well to ensure you receive calls on your mobile phone if you find yourself on the move a lot. No more missed calls!

Internal calls

You can call your colleagues using Dixa! Simply click on their name in the presence overview in the left-hand side of the screen and then click to call.

Record and upload announcements

Easily record, upload or choose pre-existing announcements from our menu to add to your call flow.


Add voicemail actions anywhere in your call flow. Leave out-of-office greeting or get the information for a callback.

External forwarding

Forward calls to external numbers. Search for contacts or enter a number into the dialer to forward the call.

Set caller ID

Reach out to customers in their native country's number. Choose numbers from over 80 countries to deliver a more personalized, familiar customer experience.


A mobile optimized live chat solution for your website with advanced routing. Experience chat.

Forward chat

Forward a chat or contact form conversation to an external email adress.

Customizable chat widget

Choose color for your chat widget, its placement on your webpages and when to hide it. Placement options are: Left, right, bottom left, bottom right.

Rich media messages

Format your text as you want it to look combined with images-upload, this is the step to make chat even more fun and engaging!

Quick responses

Don’t waste your time writing the same replies over and over again, save your most used replies and insert them instantly into any response.

Chat transfer

If you are busy, unable to answer the question or your colleague is a specialist in a particular field, you can transfer your conversation to another agent. Remember to attach notes to let your colleague know what the customer wants.

Easy setup

When you're done customizing your widget, we autogenerate a script for you to copy and paste into the html of each webpage you want the widget to appear on. Simple and easy, no coding needed.

More than one widget

For those who need to have different agents answer chats from different pages of your website, we enable you to create several widgets. Simply copy the code for each to the page you need that specific widget to appear on. And remember to assign each widget to the correct queue and likewise with the agents.

Concurrent chats

You can have up to five concurrent chats per agent.

Unlimited chat agents

You can create any number of agents to answer chats free of charge. Similarly, any agent not in a telephony or email queue is free and can have chats transferred to them. This is helpful for employees who aren't a part of your frontline customer service except in the case of escalation or forwarding to a specialist.

Hide options

Nothing's worse where chat customer service is concerned than making your customer click the widget and then nothing much happens. So you get to decide exactly when to hide the widget. We recommend doing it based on agent availability, but hey, it's up to you.

Chat history

See prior chats and conversations with the customer when you accept a new chat. And you can access chat history at any time. Use it for reference, and to find conversations handled by certain agents or see the entire history of one customer.

URL triggers

Use the URL visitors are on when they initiate a chat to decide which widget they see. This is especially helpful to route certain types of conversations to certain employees as well as use different messages in your widgets.

Contact form

Employ a contact form for visitors to reach you when you are not online. Please note that you'll need to set up email in order to receive the messages your customers send.


Email support reinvented with automated routing directly to agents. Experience email.

Custom signatures

Add a custom signatures with rich media to your email integrations.

SPF support

Send emails from your own domain (ie. customerservice@company.com) from Dixa.

Forward email

Forward an email, chat or contact form conversation to an external email adress.

Compose email

Compose an email from Dixa with attachments and tags. With our SPF support you can even send them from your domain.

Forward email to Dixa

Choose which email addresses to use for specific queues to be able to assign agents with the right skills to each. Just forward you company emails to Dixa.

Rich media messages

Format your text as you want it to look, add one or more files and insert images. This is the step to make email even more fun and engaging!

Auto replies

Send auto replies to customers once they contact you. This greatly helps manage expectations and can also be used to increase self-service.

Email template

Create a standard email template for your company, complete with individual signature and the visual identity you want.

Automatic tagging

Add tags automatically to emails as they progress through your email flow to keep track of what your customers are contacting you about and save time.

Content-based routing

Never sort through your inbox again! Prioritize emails by creating content-based rules in your email flow. Automatically assign inbound emails to specific queues based on the contents of each email or the sender.

Quick responses

Don’t waste your time writing the same replies over and over again, save your most used replies and insert them instantly into any response.

Follow-up reminders

When you’re in a conversation that requires more work or another team’s help, you can mark it with "follow-up" (similar to pending), to set a reminder to respond at a later time. When the time has been reached, the conversation will be offered to your team as a new conversation.

Reply to email

Reply to customer emails.

Email transfer

As with any kind of conversation, once assigned to an agent, that agent can transfer an email to other colleagues.

Claim conversation

As an administator, you can can claim, reply to and transfer email conversations,

First-in, first-out distribution

Do your agents spend a lot of time cherry picking emails? We run first-in, first-out distribution for all kinds of conversations, email included. We've found that in the long term, this benefits your customers as each agent improves their skill and also don't waste time going through email inboxes. If an agent is unable to answer an email they can simply transfer it to a colleague. Finally, agents should only be part of queues that receive emails in their area of expertise.

Email attachments

Attach files both ways in an email conversation and retrieve the file at any time by accessing the conversation later on.

Built-in CRM

Apply tags to each conversation

Applying tags to a conversation can be helpful in many ways, least of which is your ability to categorize them. Knowing how large a share each type of conversation is a great starting point for figuring out where to improve proactive customer service.

Contact database

We've built a lightweight CRM system seamlessly into Dixa to ensure that you have the tools to provide the best service. Dixa automatically creates and updates contacts when visitors or customers start conversations with you. Repeat visitors and contacts are recognized based on the information the CRM-system currently has. You can also search in and browse contacts and manually update them where needed.

Contact recognition

Callers are recognized based on phone numbers and anyone else based on their email address. When you accept a conversation, you get information on the customer's previous conversations, who they talked to and any notes that have been added to each conversation.

Visitor tracking

Track your visitors' information and location. See the URL from which your customers are reaching out, and track their browser and devices. You are also able to view their email address, phone number and full name, if you already have this contact in your database.

Saves all conversations

All conversations are automatically saved by the system. Never make a customer repeat her- or himself needlessly!

Conversation history

Browse and search in all previous conversations and use filters to find what you need. Filter by customer, agent and team to quickly get overviews.

Write wrap-up notes

At any time you can add a note to a conversation that is viewable by others and will help greatly if customers get in touch on the same subject later on.

Search in contacts & conversations

Aside from just searching in conversations, you can also search for any contact in the database, be they agents, admins, customers, companies. Search by name, phone number, email address and conversation ID.

Distribution & routing

Prioritization of agents

Make sure conversations are offered to the right agent first by setting prorities for each agent in each queue.

Drag’n’drop channel flow editor

Build your ideal call, chat and email experiences with our dragn’n’drop style channel flow editors and make real-time changes on the fly. Utilize intelligent routing features for each channel to automate your workflows, save time and provide an exceptional customer experience.

Triggers based on wait time

Use wait time in the queue as a trigger for other actions in your call flow. Play announcements, forward or send the call to a different queue

Prioritization of queues

Prioritize queues to make sure the most important ones are answered first. This is effective if agents are assigned to more than one queue (for instance for multi-skilled agents).

Skill-based routing

Ensure customers get matched with the right agents. Each agent can be assigned to any number of queues, and our advanced routing and IVR makes sure you can land customers in exactly the right queue with the agent they need. How advanced and detailed you choose to be is entirely up to you. Now go ace those first-contact-resolutions!

Advanced forwarding rules

Incorporate call forwarding into your call flows, create forwarding sequences or call a list of numbers at the same time - or just one. You can base forwarding on time-outs to forward the call to someone else if the phone isn't picked up after a time frame that you select.

Opening hours

Include opening hours for each channel to better set customer expectations. Implement auto-replies for email, announcements for phone and contact forms for chat when customers reach out outside of opening hours to enhance your customer experience.


Use the same number for different queues in your call flow. Customize call flows with specific opening hours, voicemails, announcements and more.

Reporting & analytics

Set service levels and alerts

You can set different service levels and alerts for each queue. We've included alerts to let you know when 1) current longest wait time exceeds your threshold, 2) a minimum of available agents online in a queue is reached and 3) when a maximum number of conversations are waiting in a queue.

Real-time queue performance overview

See how all your queues are doing in one view. Track average response time, service levels, handling time as well as longest wait time.


Use one-click to get a full-screen dashboard with real-time data (for the day) for a queue.

Historical data through analytics module

Select date range and get historical performance data for each queue with graphs to accompany it.

Conversation list w. filters

Get a full list of conversations and filter the information using filters for either customer, agent or team. Combine it with search to get exactly what you need.

Team management

Agent prioritization

Set prorities for each agent for each queue.

Agent profile with image

Complete contact info for each agent as well as an image that can be used externally, for instance in chats. Remember to smile! :-)

Agent roles

Changing agent roles is easy. Just like any other change, it happens on the fly. So if you find yourself in need of one more administrator, you can easily change the role of an agent.

Queues for different teams

Do you have multiple teams? No problem! You can create different queues, for example Sales and Support, with different phone numbers and agents assigned. Our call flow editor and IVR makes sure customers are routed to the correct queue.

Set and see presence

You can see the presence of your colleagues as well as their queue status and whether or not they have simultaneous ringing activated. You can set your own presence for each channel. If you don't respond to an offered conversation, your status is automatically changed to 'away'.



Display customer and order information from your Shopify account in the Conversation view with our simple 3-step installation.


Display customer and order information from your Magento account in the Conversation view with our simple installation.


Display customer information from Salesforce in the Conversation view.


Access our API here: https://api.dixa.io/. If you're curious about using it, we recommend you get in touch. We have our devs standing by to provide support :-)


Display information from Podio directly in the conversation view in Dixa and send back certain information to Podio.

Custom Cards (Web hooks)

Use Custom Cards to fetch information on customers from your own systems by utilizing Webhooks. Based on either phone number or email adresses, you can display any information on your customers within Dixa. This is a solution that will require a developer on your end.

Customer feedback

Chat ratings

After a finished chat, the customer can give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Agents personally receive a notification with the rating.

Chat feedback

After finishing a chat, a customer can also provide feedback in a free-text field. As with ratings, the agent receives feedback in a notification.

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